Flexible workplaces in Adlershof.

From the spring of 2018, Berlin’s new landmark building, BRAIN BOX BERLIN, is being built in Adlershof, a globally renowned centre for science and technology. The innovative commercial property with open courtyards and an underground garage offers new workplaces for research and development, technology and talent, as well as production and administration. The dynamic campus with its flexible use of space is located directly on the BAB 113 motorway with views towards the airport and the city centre. BRAIN BOX BERLIN allows administration, planning, production and

recreation to be blended perfectly and easily, making maximum use of the synergy effects between business and science.

After all, Industry 4.0 is no longer an abstract concept: established companies and young creatives are now collaborating closely with each other, while digitisation has dramatically changed the way we work.  The demands on working environments are increasing constantly –

conventional buildings are only capable of accommodating these demands to a limited degree. The modern world of work requires a pragmatic and flexible working environment with “breathing” space concepts and a variety of possibilities. BRAIN BOX BERLIN will offer this and so much more from the spring of 2020!



Berlin’s new landmark building

The most striking feature of BRAIN BOX BERLIN is the eight-storey tower at the east of the plot. These impressive offices have a clear view towards the city centre and its surroundings. The 8th floor can be used as a sky bar and lounge area for staff. Next to the tower, there is a beautiful, curved office complex made up of three components each with four or five storeys. BRAIN BOX BERLIN covers a total area of around 27,300 square metres and features airy walkways and open courtyards. Focused work is actually possible here.

BRAIN BOX BERLIN offers flexible rental units from around 200 m2 to 23,900 m2 for company headquarters with office units, research and development or production. The design of workstations is open to a range of concepts: pod offices, co-working or open spaces. 25 outdoor parking spaces and an underground garage with 226 parking spaces, connections for charging stations and lockable bicycle storage areas increase comfort and convenience for staff.


The office campus of the future.

Creative offices define the campus of the future. The floor plans can be designed at will to accommodate individual workstations, co-working landscapes or open space areas. The individual spaces within the building elements can be fused together, but also used separately. The vertical access for people or goods

and an adequate load capacity of the ceilings allow a tremendous diversity of use: from research, development and administration to prototype construction. The ground floors are especially suited to extensive production facilities, with headrooms of around 4 m making them absolutely perfect for such scenarios. Deliveries and haulage can be taken care of either via the Eisenhutweg or via the new service road which is under construction.

BRAIN BOX BERLIN’s flexible spaces make it perfect for start-ups. The ground floor, for example, could accommodate production facilities or

technical implementation, while the 1st floor is used for development and the 2nd for administration. The light and airy atmosphere with relaxing views over the green spaces of the surrounding courtyards make this future workplace even more attractive. An integrated marketplace on the ground floor of the complex with its own restaurant, café, shops and commercial spaces means every wish can be met. A shuttle service to the suburban railway station and sufficient parking spaces for bikes, e-bikes and cars are also available.


Ground floor Spaces available View floor plan
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Open rental units offering flexible design.


The capital city’s cradle of talent.

Adlershof, with its mixture of public and private businesses, six natural science faculties from the Humboldt University of Berlin, the area’s own research facilities and the technology centres operated by WISTA, is regarded quite rightly as Germany’s leading scientific hub. Adlershof is also among the 15 largest science parks in the world and is an internationally renowned cradle of talent. It is where knowledge is turned into business.

With its direct connection to the BAB 113 motorway and Schönefeld (to be known as BER) airport only a few minutes away, BRAIN BOX BERLIN’s location on the new investment corridor between the airport and main railway station is ideal for companies and commercial properties. The Adlershof tram and suburban railway station are also just a few minutes away, offering fast connections to the heart of Berlin.

Key data

  • 6 institutes of the Humboldt University of Berlin
  • 10 extramural research organisations
  • 2 founder centres
  • 6 technology centres
  • 1.041 companies
  • 16.778 employees
  • 6.700 students



Contact and for further information:

Projektgesellschaft Gartenstadt
Adlershof mbH & Co. KG

Wallstraße 35 | 10179 Berlin | Deutschland


The initiators and developers of BRAIN BOX BERLIN is Profi Partner AG, who have been successfully implementing project developments for over 20 years. Together they have recently completed the Medienfenster project for student living. |